About Us

At Dr. Marek Sepiolo's Vein Center and Vein Clinics, we pride ourselves not only on our experience and dedication, but on the raw talent of our team.  Dr.Sepiolo, our chief doctor, was a pioneer in setting up the vascular surgery services for patients with vascular disorders and trauma in a newly opened tertiary acute care hospital in Dubai, in order to meet the growing healthcare needs of local and international communities as well as to accommodate the changing face of healthcare delivery in the Middle East region to become the UAE’s medical tourism hub. Dr. Sepiolo is affiliated with Al Zahra Hospital Dubai and Health Bay Clinic Dubai as a CBD Vascular Surgeon, and had founded a new vein center with advanced care by vascular specialist at Al Zahra Prv. Hospital Dubai using the most advanced new techniques for treatment of varicose and spider veins and chronic venous disease. He had also set up a new vascular surgery services in newly opened tertiary  care private hospital in Dubai, serving there as a head of department and offering first vascular services for local population and expats living in Dubai. 

All of our vascular centers and clinics offers a full scope of services and treating all kind of varicose and spider veins plus other chronic venous diseases. Please see the list of our treatment procedures here.

Our Approach

We believe in giving our patients the safest and most effective procedures with the best possible outcomes. Our teams of highly specialized experts take the time to listen, answer questions, and discuss every potential solutions, which makes them uniquely prepared to provide more options for patients to achieve their best results. Our clients applaud us for our level of service, attention to details, and we strive to not only provide the best possible solutions, but to do so in the safest and most effective manner, leaving our clients feeling well taken care of.

What Our Clients Should Expect

Our team are highly experienced and are experts in applying the latest and most advanced tecniques for the treatment of chronic veous disease in a safe and effective manners. We expect our clients to hold us to the highest standards for professionalism, dedication, and integrity. Our clients should expect the most caring, compassionate, and dedicated services from the initial consulation to every visit in Dr. Sepiolo's practice.